Kairos is an investment club with a focus on fundamental analysis. Some of the investment styles under the ambit of fundamental analysis may include (but not exhaustive):

  • Value
  • Growth
  • Deep value
  • Net-nets
  • Dividend plays
  • Long term compounders
  • Special situations, such as mergers and spin-offs
  • Shorts

We cater for investors with varied investment styles but generally do not accept ideas based on technical analysis.


It is recommended that the submission, in write-up or in presentation form, include the following points:

  • Company introduction (including business model)
  • Thesis
  • Basic financials (to the extent important to the thesis. Full-blown financials are not required.)
  • Valuation and/or price target
  • Risks
The submission can include other relevant information not included above if it is relevant to the investment idea.

The submission will be reviewed by the Admission Committee for quality before the member is considered for admission.


Presentation of the idea is a membership requirement for Singapore-based members. Presenters should bear in mind the 10-minute time limit for presentation. A good guideline would be 1 slide per minute, give or take. Presentation content should also be clearly legible.

This will be followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

It is not necessary for prospective members to do both a write-up and presentation slides.